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The NOC Box is a great statement piece for the espresso enthusiasts out there.


The  board formed concrete box is made from an ultra high performance mix design that is over six times stronger that the foundation of a house.

The stainless steel insert is included. The knock bar is easily removed with no tools. So much easier than fiddling with an allen wrench every time.

A silicone gasket is also included to dampen noise and protect the finish. Steel is still harder than stone or concrete.


The concrete is sealed with a penetrating system that is highly stain and scratch resistant. Though the concrete can easily withstand the dishwasher we do recommend hand washing with soap and warm water. There will be rubber feet at the corners that would come off if run through the dishwasher. 

A wipe down with a wet warm dish towel or sponge should be all that's needed. 

If there is a stubborn coffee stain just use some bleach or a Chlorox spray cleaner with bleach and it will come off in minutes.

Avoid abrasives or citrus based cleaners. But feel free to use vinegar.


The stainless steel insert can go through the dishwasher.


Concrete Color
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