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The BLOC concrete+wood passive phone amp is both industrial and refined.

The hand crafted shape of the high tech concrete provides a huge boost to your phone's sound with no power.

A beautiful statement piece of functional art for your desk or counter.

Source music affects results. Decibels are exponential. A 10 dB increase is 2 times as loud. The BLOC has repeatedly tested over 15 dB. One test almost hit a 20 dB peak volume increase.

Our super dense concrete has proven to be the most effective material for passive amps. Other materials (like wood and plastic) absorb, deaden, and reverberate. The concrete reflects the sound wave crushing their wood and plastic counterparts.


Modern high tech concrete sealed for color enhancement and protection. 

Solid hardwood (walnut, maple, special order) is oiled and waxed for beauty and protection.

Overall dimensions:  6" x 6" x 3.5".*

Phone slot:  3.5" x .625" x .75" deep. *

*These are handmade with natural materials. Some minor size fluctuation may occure.

Works for phones with bottom speakers. Both left and right are open, for those rare phones that have left and right speakers.

No CNC or 3D printing. These concree and wood creations are all sculpted, formed, cast, and finished by hand.

A "green" product. Concrete absorbs CO2 during its life cycle.


***Photos are representitive. Concrete and wood are organic materials that vary from piece to piece. 


Concrete Color
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