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Handmade. Bespoke. Authentic.

Timeless and funtional concrete castings and finishes. VC Studio Inc. specializes in concrete sinks, furniture, fire features, countertops, accessories, and sculpture using concrete as the primary medium. 

Stunning, sleek, soft, and seductive. The possibilities of modern concrete are endless.

Our Work

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Our Products


Our concrete sinks are handcrafted to your specifications and designed to last a lifetime. Each sink is a unique work of art that adds style and functionality to any space.

Accessories and Furniture

Our concrete accessories are the perfect addition to any space. From the passive phone amps to the personal fire burners, our accessories are designed to be not only unique, but functional and stylish.

Our concrete furniture is both beautiful and practical. Many designs have been waiting for years to come to fruition. They will be added as time permits.

Our Story

Growing up was filled with drawing and playing with Legos. So it wasn't a big surprise that I went to art school. Though I started freelancing while still in school, the Seattle market had more commercial artists than it did coffee shops. This eventually led me to decorative/faux finishing and European plasters. That quickly led  to stained  concrete floors and micro toppings. Shortly after that a primer class introduced me to concrete countertops. It was fascinating and I could see its potential, but old school wet cast concrete had its limitations.


In 2008 I was introduced to GFRC/FRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete). That was a game changer. The possibilities were mind boggling. Thin, lightweight pieces, in any shape, color, or texture were possible. I was hooked, and cast concrete soon took over my workflow.


While I still offer decorative finishes and all the rest, the focus these days is designing and fabricating sinks, furniture, architectural elements, accessories, and sculpture with concrete as the primary material.


I have been in the decorative finishes and casting business in the Seattle Metro area since 1999. That has allowed some great business relationships to develop and I've been privileged to be a part of many amazing projects over the years.


VC Studio Inc. will continue to offer custom work for both residential and commercial projects large or small.


Our products will be sold in our online store under the Fuel Concrete Garage label. My wife, an accomplished artist herself, will be contributing not only her valuable insight but her own designs and artwork as well.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service. We hope you enjoy our work.

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